Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's in a name?

Dragons and Daisies...
About a year ago these little superheroes helped me come up with a name which reflected both girls and boys. We brainstormed things girls and boys like and came up with the title Dragons and Daisies.

Here are just a few tasty treats Dragons and Daisies Confections has created...

 There's a Circus in Town 

 These circus themed mini cupcakes along with this matching three tier birthday cake were created for a very special 4 year old girl.  Both the cupcakes and the cake were a perfect touch to go along with her circus themed birthday party.

Eiffel Tower

This was such a fun project my 6 year old daughter and I created together as the result of a first grade homework assignment.  She had to choose her favorite storybook character and build a gingerbread model of the home her character might live in.  The character she chose was Madeline.  Madeline lives in France and Faith thought the Eiffel Tower would make the perfect home for her character.  We made a cardboard model of each piece of the tower and then made homemade gingerbread.  After rolling, tracing, cutting, baking, "gluing" the pieces together and decorating, Madeline's home was complete.

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